Olympus's little XA can go anywhere with you. The smallest practical rangefinder you can find. The F Zuiko 35mm F2.8 lens is a design masterpiece and covers shooting the street, landscapes and group scenes. The electronic shutter is extremely light and quiet, minimising camera shake at slower shutter speeds. Close the clam and the XA is off with lens protected - open the clam, focus and you are good to shoot. Camera is working well and comes with an A11 flash and fresh battery set. Complemented with an Olympus soft case and Pdf instruction manual.We have marked this example down to 4/10 due to cosmetic blemishes. Rubbing to the film door and the Olympus logo missing from flash unit. Film chamber light seals are always replaced.

Olympus XA 35mm F2.8 rangefinder S#2103779