If you never shot a frame with this Voigtlander (Perkeo = pigmy)  it wouldn't matter a bit. It is just beautiful to look at. A return to the days (1953) when precision engineering was precise. 65 years old yet this camera is fully operational, cosmetically close to 100% and delightfully simple to use. Color Skopar 80mm f3.5 lens in a Synchro-Compur shutter giving bulb to 1/500 speeds. There is no rangefinder or light metering, but there is zone focusing, or measure the distance with an external rangefinder and use a handheld light meter. 'Sunny 16' works well too. 125mmx85mmx50mm folded body size which makes the Perkeo very portable. Shoots a 6x6 transparency giving 12 images on a 120 roll. An original brown leather half case in good vintage condition complements the Perkeo. This example comes with the very rare, original aluminium lens hood. In all an extremely collectible and usable vintage camera.  Old school photography and a joy to use.

Voigtlander Perkeo II medium format folding camera