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Becoming very collectible as well as useable. Yashica made very nice cameras and the 24 is no exception. Good to hold - not too heavy - aperture and shutter easy to adjust. Good light meter accuracy. Light meter needs a MRB625 Wein cell which we provide fresh with the camera. Clear waist level viewfinder with grid lines. Designed for 220 (24 6x6 frames) film which is now not manufactured the 24 can also use 120 (12 6x6 frames) film. When using 120 film take care to observe the film counter and stop at 12 or the camera will continue winding until 24 and there will be 12 shots with no film. Old school photography and great fun. Pdf manual supplied.

Yashica 24 twin lens reflex with 80mm F3.5 lens S#L6050572