Never discard a photograph - it is a record of a unique moment in time

Photo revival - repair and restoration - photo engineering

  • Our free expert assessment of your photo collection (slides, photographs etc)
  • Receiving and advising on your brief of restorative work required

  • Explanation of the work needed and estimated time frame and cost

  • Authority to proceed or not. No work = no charge.

  • Your collection is cared for as if it were our own

  • Revival work is digital and 100% non destructive

  • Finished images are transferred to archive quality CD/DVD

  • Image owner retains copyright - we do not store finished images on any retrieval system

  • In house A3 and A4 Pro photo printing is available at very reasonable rates.

  • Various other outsourced printing options, up to A0 size, can be advised and arranged.

  • Our simple motto - "it doesn't leave our studio until we love it"


We love a box of slides, photos or transparencies brought to us for assessment and revival - major or minor. There aren't many old photos that don't warrant some level of restoration. No image is totally worthless as each records that moment in time, never to be repeated.

We work with mounted 35mm slides, positive and negative 35mm film, 120 film, photographs and documents. A collection of old photographs, slides, even historic newspaper clippings, all of these have value to your family and some may have

serious historic value. All are worth preserving. Our Photo Engineering service is image reconstruction, true to the original or with elements digitally  removed or replaced. We have been favoured with permission to reproduce the image above of the young Lady with her cherished Scottish Terrier. This picture was recovered and recreated from several water stained fragments.

Family movies shot on 16mm cine film were very popular through mid C20 and may now be important records for current family members.  Many reels have sat in storage for decades and now need careful examination, cleaning, editing and re-splicing. After we have examined and repaired your films as needed,  they are ready for projection and archiving. This service does not perform any image restoration.

As deep image restoration can be time consuming and expensive, scanning and archiving may be all you need and we offer this economical option which does not include any revival work. Any individual image restoration work can be considered and commenced at any time. See some examples of image restoration.